Welcome to NYU Startup Hub

NYU's community platform of entrepreneurs, founders, and startup advisors.

About This Community

The NYU Startup Hub is a platform for individuals at the intersection of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

This online community connects NYU-affiliated individuals and startups at any stage of their venture journey. Members of the NYU Startup Hub can engage with one another, learn from each other, and tap into the various networks across NYU's global ecosystem.

Who is the NYU Startup Hub community for?

The NYU Startup Hub is for anyone affiliated with NYU (students, alumni, faculty, etc), as well as teammates of NYU-based startups, even if they are not directly connected to the university. It's also for industry professionals and experienced advisors that want to share their knowledge and advice with the NYU community.

How do you use the NYU Startup Hub?

The NYU Startup Hub can be accessed online and via a mobile app. The main features we're starting out with include Posts (similar to how you would post on Facebook), Questions & Polls (ask questions, collect data, and seek advice in various formats), Groups (connect and communicate with specific or relevant people), and Messages (privately message one person, multiple people, or a Group). As more members use the NYU Startup Hub, we can test out new features and ways to connect people.

You can learn more about the NYU Startup Hub here.